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My God is ENOUGH…

It is hard to believe I have made it through 3 years and 8 months without my amazing husband, spiritual leader, father to my children and I wish I could say that I no longer have sad days or wish for my old life but the truth of the matter is I still do, OFTEN!!…


Worry about Nothing…

“Worry about Nothing, PRAY about Everything!”   I once heard a pastor say as he taught on the great truth found in:   Philippians 4:6&7  ” Do not be anxious about anything but in everything,  by prayer and petition,  with thanksgiving,  present your requests to God.  And the PEACE of God which transcends all understanding,  will…


Hello Again!

Well Hello Again! It has been WAY TO LONG since I have shared anything here so I thought this would be a good time to let you know what we’ve been up to.  Oh and Happy March!!  I know many of you are enjoying a rather cold day or should I say DAYS.  Here in…


Choosing HOPE

We can live 3 weeks without food We can live 3 days without water We can live 3 minutes without air   But I believe we can only truly live seconds without HOPE.  This is another truth the last 3 years of walking this hard road through widowhood, singleness and single parenting has taught me!…


Three years… surviving or thriving??

It is hard to believe but August 13th marked the three-year anniversary of Todd’s relocation to Heaven.  August 21st would have been our 21st wedding anniversary and the kids started school on August 26th.  Jackson has begun 5th grade and Bethany the 1st. BOY am I glad August is now behind me.  My heart remembers…


Waiting on the Lord

My life has been a series of events where I have spent time, a lot of time in God’s great waiting room.  This message I shared on that subject on May, 22, 2014 at Refresh Women’s Bible Study.  I pray it encourages and blesses your heart as you may find yourself waiting on the Lord….


Putting on your BRAVE

The message was shared at Refresh Bible Study on May, 8, 2014. I hope it will encourage and bless you.  With God’s help we can all put on our Brave!   Living For More,

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